7 Bachelorette Party Card Games

Need an easy way to get the party started? These 7 fun and affordable adult card games are perfect for Bachelorette parties or a girl’s night out!

Start your girl’s night with a spicy fun card game!

This set includes over 400 cards, each with a different mini-game, such as the classic “if you’ve ever,” to truth or dare.

This Card game is perfect for bachelorette parties, girl’s night in (or out), game nights, sororities and reunions, birthday parties and more.

This game is on the raunchy side, and game recommendations are for players 17+.

Similar to Cards Against Humanity, but in Basic Betch style!

A hilarious card game where players must put down their funniest card, for the dealer to pick the best one.

This card game is best played with 4-10 years with ages 17+.

A little racy, and a lot of fun! These 135 conversation starters are the perfect way to find out what your best friends are really thinking!

Questions range from “spicy” to hilarious to thought-provoking.

TableTopics is a #1 best-selling brand and has sold over 2 million copies of TableTopic fun.

Get the night going with these 150 game cards consisting of 50 talk cards, 50 drink cards and 50 dare cards!

3 GAMES IN 1: Cards to get you talking (it’s time to spill the tea ladies), cards to get you drinking (cocktails, anyone?) and cards to get you dancing (& maybe a few other silly things).

Whether you’re having a cozy night in with your girlfriends or a wild night out, these bachelorette party games are the perfect option!

Intended for girls 17+.

Over 220 “Never Have I Ever” cards to spice up your girl’s night!

Be ready to share awkward and embarrassing moments and turn them into laughter with your besties.

This NSFW game can be played with 2+ players and is 17+.

Discover the hilarious thoughts of your friends with this fast-paced thinking game!

Find funny question cards like “Give 3 Reasons to Reach Out to Your Ex” and watch your girls answer in less than 10 seconds.

This can is best played with 2-12 people, and can be made family-friendly once the marked NSFW cards are pulled out!

xo, Fetti Deck of Cards

Keep your bachelorette or GNO theme alive with a deck of cards made just for girls!

Store and reuse this deck of cards for every girl-themed event you have.

We know planning a bachelorette party is not easy! Check out these 11 fun Bachelorette Party Ideas to help you plan the perfect event your girlfriends will remember.

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