15 Bachelorette Gift Box Ideas

It’s a bachelorette party tradition to offer a special gift to the bride.

Unlike the actual wedding ceremony, where your gift goes to both the bride and groom, the bachelorette gift is solely for the bride.

Here are 15 ideas to give you inspiration on what to include in a gift box for the bride-to-be!

These cute and trendy gift ideas are all easy to get and won’t break your budget.

Let the special person in your life be reminded of you everytime they wash their hands! Organic soaps are the perfect eco-friendly gift to give.

Essential oil soy candles often don’t contain harsh chemicals found in many other candles on the market.

Get an even more unique candle by choosing one with crystals or botanicals inside!

4. Gift Card to the Spa

You can never go wrong with some new bling for the bride-to-be!

Planning a wedding is stressful. Gift a sleep mask to make sure your bride can get a good nights sleep.

Gift a daily journal to let your bride-to-be record every step of her new life and journey.

10. Bride Slipper

Gift your bride a pair of comfy and luxurious bridal slippers.

You can never go wrong with gifting fuzzy socks. Especially during the cold winter months!

Include hand cream in your gift box to make sure your bride’s hands are always moisturized!

13. Books

Check out some of the top best sellers on Amazon today.

Wooden beads are a minimalistic and natural decor piece for any home.

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