11 Ways to Level Up Your WFH Desk

If you work from home, it’s important that you like the space you work in.

Here are 10 ways you can level up your home office to create a comfortable, organized, and aesthetic workspace! None of these items will break your bank and are easy to find.

Not only do wires quickly get in the way of things, but they can make your desk look cluttered. I use a wireless mouse and keyboard to create a minimalist aesthetic for my home office desk.

I love sitting down and using my foot roller when I’m not using my standing desk. The grooves on the foot roller help in giving a comfortable massage while I respond to emails or sit in on meetings.

A phone stand helps me be more efficient because I don’t have to constantly pick up my phone to check notifications. If I receive a notification, I can easily glance over to it (if I want) without holding a phone device.

My phone stand becomes even more important when I’m sitting in on Zoom meetings and don’t want to appear like I’m checking my phone, or that it’s in my hand (so sneaky)!

If you can’t go wireless, try hiding your wires instead. They’re cheap, and make your desk look so much cleaner!

Use a pen holder or bin on your desk to help keep clutter away. It’s a great way of hiding not only pens but anything else that ends up making it on your desk.

If you have a desk with drawers, drawer organizers are a must. Since I don’t like having loose items rolling around every time I open or close my drawer, these cute organizers really serve their purpose.

Not only can you find a plethora of super cute coasters online, but coasters also have the purpose of protecting your desk. Grab a set of coasters to avoid staining the material of your desk or any sticky situations.

Liven the room (literally) by adding some greenery to your space. Not only do plants add vibrant pops of colour to the room, but help create a calm and positive environment. Some plants are even believed to absorb radiation, which our computers and electronic devices release into our spaces.

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  1. Great tips for creating a comfortable, organized, and aesthetic workspace for remote work! The suggestions are practical, budget-friendly, and easy to find.

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