3 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Night Time Routine

Here are 3 EASY ways I elevated my nighttime routine to make me feel my best and help me sleep better!

1. Gua Sha Facial Stone Massage

Once I got this Gua Sha stone (which also comes with a crystal roller), it’s now hard to skip from my nightly bedtime routine.

Not only does it feel like an amazing and soothing facial massage, but there are also enormous health benefits as well.

I like to apply nightly serums and retinol to my face so the stone can gently glide over my skin.

I use my gua sha in long upward strokes on my jawline, cheekbone, and browbone. With doing 10 strokes on each of these 3 areas, so in total, I do 60 strokes on my entire face.

I use retinol every night before bed and have noticed huge benefits on my skin.

Retinol helps improve the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles due to loss of collagen. Retinol also helps to even out and tone the texture of your skin.

Now that I’m in my mid-twenties, I’m happy retinol is part of my nightly skincare routine so I can get a healthy head start in taking care of my skin.

3. Wooden Paddle Brush

My FAVOURITE sustainable wooden paddle brush.

Just like using a gua sha stone to massage my face, using a high-quality paddle brush gives me the best scalp massage every night.

Brushing your hair improves blood circulation in your scalp which promotes new hair growth. It also helps spread natural oils to the rest of your hair which helps keep the strands moisturized and together shiny!

I try to do at least 100 brush strokes each night – a beauty hack my mom passed down to me from her mom!

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